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Data Structures

Computer Science Department

There will be 3 in person exams, 2 midterms and 1 final. The exams will be during the listed class period.

  • Each exam is 150 points.
  • Exams are in person. You are required to be on campus to take the exams, DO NOT make arrangements for those days. No makeup exams will be given.
  • You cannot consult the textbook, notes, and assignments during exams.
  • You will have 80 consecutive minutes to complete a midterm exam and 3 consecutive hours to complete the final.
Academic Integrity Violations. One warning will be given if proctors suspect academic dishonesty from a student during an exam, and further issues will result in exams being taken and reviewed. If necessary, a report to Academic Integrity will be made and a grade of 0 given.

You are required to be on campus to take the exams, DO NOT make travel arrangements for those days. 


There will be three in class quizzes during the summer semester. These will require a device that is able to access Lockdown Browser through Canvas, and will be worth 50 points each.


Students who require accommodations, such as extra time, must contact ODS at least two weeks before the exam date. Email your accommodations letter to the course coordinator.




Past Exams

Seat Assignment

Midterm 1

June 19

6:00 – 7:20 PM

RoomLast name

Midterm 2

July 22

7:15 – 8:35 PM

RoomLast name


August 14

6:00 – 9:00 PM

RoomLast name