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Data Structures

Computer Science Department


Ana Paula Centeno



TTh 3:50-5:10 PM


Office Hours

Th 5:30-7 PM

TIL-111 L

Lily Chang



TTh 2:00-3:20 PM


Office Hours

TTh 4:30-5:30 PM


Antonio Miranda Garcia



TTh 5:40-7:00 PM


Office Hours

M 11:30 AM-12 PM

Th 11-11:30 AM


  • EMAIL WITH ANY ISSUES PERTAINING TO THE COURSE. The Course Coordination Team will respond to you as soon as possible (up to 5 business days)
    • Include [CS112] and a short description of the issue to the EMAIL SUBJECT to help our staff speed up replies. 
  • Direct questions about Course Content (problems with assignments, questions about past exam, etc) to Piazza, located on the Canvas sidebar.
    • Piazza will provide a quicker response, and emails about assignments/debugging will be directed to post there.

Office hours. Enhance your experience by coming to office hour. During these hours instructors and lead assistants are available to:

  • discuss and clarify course content and assignments.
  • discuss questions related to the major provided that other students do not have course related questions.
  • hang out in case you have nothing else to do.
  • YOU MAY ATTEND any instructor’s office hours. Choose the time that best fits your schedule.
  • Office hours, tutoring hours, and recitations START on the second week of classes (January 22).

Lead Teaching Assistants

Kal Pandit

Office Hours

M 3:40-5:30 PM

HILL 482

Palak Mehta

Palak Mehta(1)

Office Hours

T 10:15 AM-12:15 PM

Zoom Link

Colin Sullivan


Office Hours

 M 1:40-3:40 PM

HILL 482

Lead Learning Assistants, Learning Assistants, and Tutors

Lead Learning Assistants

Alexandria Bayas58 
Maksims Kravcenko60 

Learning Assistants

NameSectionStudy GroupLecture
Taneesh Amin38, 76, 03 
Anna Arushanyan80, 10, 16 
Katrina Bawar  Tues/Thurs
Sarah Benedicto
34, 78, 70
Syona Bhandari 01, 02
Sabrina Chang83, 77
Abigail Cohen82, 19, 26
Apurva Desai21, 40, 51
Julia Dymnicki28, 53, 43
Aastha Gandhi35, 71, 67
Barghavi Gopinath54, 02, 68
Roy Houwayek24, 08, 41
Celina Huynh09, 33, 56
Linda Ji79, 61, 52
Anne Lee17, 29, 59
Jessica Luo37, 01, 64
Raashi Maheshwari20, 25, 39
Mohraty Mikhail84, 31, 72
Nathan Mintos05, 14, 44
Ish Shah27, 12, 65
Khushi Shah11, 07, 74
Kushi Sharma13, 75, 55, 04
Navya Sharma62, 47
Kyle Silva23, 06, 36
Steven Tan18, 22, 42
Nishanth Thummala81, 32, 73
Tanvi Yamarthy69, 50, 46, 49
Maria Xu15, 57, 45
Albert Zou30, 63, 48, 66

RU CATS, Rutgers Computing Academic Tutoring for Students

Enhance your knowledge by attending tutoring hours.

The CS department offers free tutors through AWiCS (Advancing Women in CS). Tutors are peer students that are further along the CS program. These peer students will:

  • hold weekly office hours to assist you with your academic work.
  • create an inclusive community for students taking CS111 and CS112 courses.
  • build a peer network that fosters encouragement and support for the learning and academic persistence of all students regardless of identities.
  • assist Instructors and Learning Assistants in guiding the students to advance their knowledge and understanding of the course(s).

Office hours are held in a drop-in mode. The schedule is available on Canvas left pane under “Tutoring”.

  • in person Hill 248
  • remotely accessible through Canvas left pane under “Tutoring”.

Contact our lead tutor Jamie Liao for any questions regarding tutors or tutoring hours.

Other Course Staff

  • Piazza Instructors – Addresses questions related to course content/answer general questions related to assignments. For more personal/in-depth assignment questions, please visit an instructor or TA during office hours.
  • Proctors – Ensures exam protocols are being followed, addresses general questions/concerns during the exam.
  • Graders – Grades exams and addresses regrades during the one week regrading period that occurs after exam grades are released.

Note that the above staff members should only be receiving questions related to their course descriptions. As such, no one except the instructors or TAs should be receiving emails about the course or grades.

Also keep in mind that many of the above staff are also students. Please be respectful to them and their time, a staff member will address your questions/concerns as soon as possible.