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Data Structures

Computer Science Department


Ana Paula Centeno



TTh 3-4:20PM

Office Hours

T 10:30AM-12:30PM

Lily Chang



MW 1-2:20PM

Office Hours

 MW 4:30-5:30PM

  • Add [CS112] to the subject of the emails you send to our staff.
  • To attend lectures refer to Canvas main page.

  • Office hours, tutoring hours, and recitations START on the second week of classes (September 7th).

Head Assistants, Learning Assistants, and Tutors

Head Learning Assistants

Hoai-An Nguyen08
Ishaan Ivaturi28

Learning Assistants

NameSectionStudy Group
Justine Catli 01
Ashley Chang22, 26, 12
Kevin Cubilos19, 21, 35
Ashwin Haridas16, 29, 38
Samantha Lee06
Sebastian Matiz15, 34, 90
Manasvi Medam09, 14, 25
Sujit Molleti23, 32, 36
Rohan Narayan02, 07, 24
Phillip Prigozhiy01, 05, 9103
Rupak Ravi13, 30, 37
Prince Rawal04, 27 3302
Fayed Raza03, 11, 31
Atharva Patil1804

Contact our head tutor Chinmoy Bhushan for any questions regarding tutors or tutoring hours.

Find their tutoring hours under the Tutors Calendar tab.